Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Interlude

The Real Life Vagabond, Among Other Things

The timing of the modest popularity my journey has gained is a double-edge sword, and I am flailing it about haphazardly. You just know someone is going to lose a limb.

For you see, my this time next week I'll be adrift in the Canadian wilderness for a fortnight, and just a few sparse days of recuperation afterwards I begin college. So this escapade reflects the real life journey I am about to undertake, an accidental bit of symbolism I rather enjoy, but in matters of priority such real treks trump virtual ones, no matter how relatively idyllic the latter might be.

While there is no internet access out in the wilderness - I think - there will be at college, and while that significant departure from the normal and comfortable hopefully won't prevent me from carrying on this particular set of wanderings, I fail utterly in the clairvoyancy department.

So, the reason for why I am telling all of you this is not only out of politeness and not wanting to simply disappear on anyone who's formulated a habit of reading these adventures, but also in case anyone wants to take up the mantle of wanderer extraordinarie. It's really not hard to break free of the patterns we force ourselves into each time we log on to Tranquility and adopt our avatar as the symbol of our impact on a virtual world; and to make it even easier, if anyone wants to follow in my footsteps, you can use this thread and my lonely one man corporation if you wish. I promise you don't have to use a Stabber. And don't worry about whether your writing is better or worse than mine - the important part is that you're making the journey.

So, perhaps there are a few things to think about nestled in there.

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