Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The Magnanimous Benefactor

Somewhere between Chapters Three and Four, I got my first taste of in-game fan mail. Grash Freedom - I hope he won't mind being named - sent me a few kind words, puzzling me with an offer of sponsorship. When I contacted him in conversation, he told me he didn't have much time for EVE anymore, and that my stories brought back memories of what it was all about (seems to be a developing theme with my readers). He stated he wanted to fund my adventures, and even after he told me with how much ISK he was prepared to part, I was torn. Here I was being offered a lump sum of ISK nearing the most my wallet had ever been in all my years of (sort of) hard work, in exchange for continuing to write about wandering the galaxy without a source of income.

I decided I could take the money. It was the best compliment of all, I told myself in lame justification, to be paid to be poor. But I couldn't use the funds in my travels; rather, I transferred the money to my alt to be left untouched. It's a retirement fund, or something of the sort, for if I ever tire of wandering. Or, perhaps it's the inheritance for a vagabond that decides to take up the mantle in my stead. Either way, even though it was no physical part of my journey, it has been one of the most interesting and morality-trying parts.

Furthermore, I have had a trio of thoughts bumbling around in my head, one of which I have already acted on. Desiring to be free of my NPC corp ticker, as of today I am CEO, founder, and sole member of Vagabonds Unincorporated. The headquarters is currently in Empire, and while I would do away with any footprint whatsoever of my corporation if I could, it's more likely I'll be moving the headquarters somewhere more remote. I'm not yet sure how I feel about others wanting to join the corporation, but I don't delude myself to think so highly of my little smidgin of the spotlight that others would want to join.

Next, I wonder if a blog is appropriate. Yes, it lends more structure and perhaps a bit more professionalism to a topic such as mine, but by how much would I be slashing my potential audience by leaving this thread to die and moving off to a slightly more obscure corner of the internet? Perhaps I will wait to be incorporated into a sticky, or something that won't drown in the rushing waters of General Discussion. By bringing this up, of course, I am implicitly asking for advice from anyone who cares to offer it.

Finally, a sig. I did away with the one from my old corporation, proud as I was of it. I'm capable of making most simple, unimpressive signatures, but maybe someone with a bit more taste in design and a bit more practical experience wouldn't mind applying themselves to the task. Of course, I am more than happy to pay for such a service.

I've gotten a bit ahead of myself in that I've been making more progress in game than I have cataloged here, so after a bit of a break after this post I'll catch up with myself, and then I must make sure I gather no moss.

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