Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chapter Eight Zeta

The True South - Nothing But Pwn

So I actually had to look up the entirety of the Greek alphabet to find out what came after Epsilon, as my immediate knowledge of such goes no further than the fifth letter. I'm just not that awesome, try as I may.

Since being podded, I haven't accomplished much other than acquire a new Stabber - Niobe - through the generosity of one Eriks Black. That's the second character with "Black" suffixing their name that I've accepted a Stabber from, and I didn't even notice it until now. Strange subconscious bias? I know not what it means.

I've also concocted a route to the southernmost point of EVE that is so long I couldn't fit it into one screenshot. This ultimate point of EVE's "down under" is named C-PEWN, leaving me wondering whether the similarity of the name to "pwn" is a coincidence or another cosmetic easter egg. Regardless, I am determined to get there in one piece, even if I don't make it out again. Although my previous, somewhat easterly-leaning route through Curse got me to FAT-6P alright, I'm not waiting around for a scout this time and so have chosen the long way through BoB space - a choice that will either bring easy travels or many chases.

In the interest of keeping up my newfound hobby of building up eclectic cargo holds for my Stabbers, I grabbed a Tracking Disruptor - which I don't remember being there before - from the Paye station, along with a leftover Overdrive from Eriks' gift. Both have been stuffed in with the never-ending belts of ammunition, though nothing gives a cargo hold flavor like assorted commodities do. Maybe I'll stumble upon some - or I'll just have to resort to preying on IAC pilots for their Spirits.

Also, I've gotten more than a few offers for free ships - should I need one - though it gets a little dull asking for the same setup over and over. This sparked a thought - one of accepting comedy setups. Maybe a Stabber with small beam lasers, or six cloaks instead of one. Or cargo expanders and hull repairers. It's up to you - it's really just the ship that matters for both mobility and style's sake - but I'll fly any Stabber anyone wants to give me, regardless of how ridiculous it may be. It could be fun.

Only barely congruent to the rest of this is the frightening quantities of peer pressure that have been lumped upon me by others in my college's residence hall upon learning I'm playing a game with ships as fearsome and awe-inspiring as Titans and Motherships. They keep telling me that I just have to get into a Titan before the end of the school year; a dubious goal indeed, especially considering I've taken no interest in - and therefore no training towards - capitals or supercapitals before. Plus, to do it by the end of the school year I'd need to max out my learning skills and get a full set of +5 implants. Ridiculous, right? And yet, the thought persists in my mind of how hilarious it would be if I could gather the resources to make it into a Ragnarok before approximately one hundred and eighty days expire. Hm, how easily such inspiration is sparked.

In any case, I'm currently sitting at the lip of the 0.0 pipe into Querious, looking downwards into the slippery, sheer drop to follow. It should be fun.

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