Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chapter Two Beta

We Don't Go To Fountain Anymore...

Once the defense went to sleep, I made it into PNQY-Y and took the risk of taking a peek at the station. I found a carrier pilot that was either asleep or a braggart, and in the interest of self preservation I resisted the urge to fly circles around the brick and instead moved on in the direction of my destination.

I've flown through BoB Coalition space before, and aside from the occasional population cluster around a station system, it's all but devoid of life. Past the station the ride was much the same, which lent itself well to thought.

A major thought of mine while I made jump after glimmering blue jump through barren space was that perhaps enough members of the 0.0 alliances would hear of my travels in one way or another I would have free reign through their space, ushered through star systems as a revered guest - the travelling wise man of blesses and curses. An alliance of a great many notable personalities would deny me entrance to the space they had carved out of 0.0, and within nary a month their towering empire would crumble.

But I am not a member of the Guiding Hand Social Club, and the glory of that hope disappeared with Istavaan's departure.

Once a few blips of Axiom Empire grunts appeared in my local window, these delusions of grandure dissipated. It wouldn't be much fun anyway, racing through 0.0 without obstacles. I hope it's never so easy.

I deigned the next jump was a little bit risky, and my adventures in trespassing had satisfied me for today. I logged in my safespot, happy.

Finally, a chance for a meme. An Viator is enroute. Engrish, rare for CCP, and intriguing when it does happen.

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