Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chapter Six

Final Days

ISK Balance: 0.01

This chapter is impossible to write. There are myriad reflections I can only leave to the reader to make. Also, Ibises

After idling in Empire space, lacking the time to prepare another venture northward to complete my goal of standing on that particular edge of the galaxy, the time of my inexorable hiatus is upon me. I futzed around with a 1 out of 10 deadspace complex for purposes of amusement, and took my unnamed Rifter into the low security surrounding The Traumark Installation, still failing to find a suitable target.

This morning, I logged on and headed into Emrayur, where an Amarr starter school is located. I found a six-day old Coercer pilot and struck up a minimalistic conversation. After leaving him or her with the last of my ISK, I logged.

Precisely twenty days from now, I return.

EVE is beautiful brutality balancing a brusque ballet. That is, to say, it is ineffable.

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